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Property Specialist


"Lisa has been managing our properties for two years now. Her service and team are excellent and attention to detail is outstanding. Lisa's knowledge in tenant selection, property maintenance and inspections is significantly higher than other agents I have used in the past."

" In the past few difficult covid and post covid years, Lisa has been always one step ahead. Fair minded for both tenants and unit owners. Always displaying personal and professional integrity to both parties.
Extremely knowledgeable of all processes and building requirements.
Invaluable help, and service at a time when most needed.

" Communication is the key to success - Lisa and her team always keep us up to date regarding the property they manage for us. They're always helpful, always courteous and always on top of things. That's why we've been with them for the past ten years."

Vicki Stephenson

Fergus Bermingham

Colin Fraser

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